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Nebula Black

Nebula Black

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This darkness was not supposed to be that bright. Then it suddenly appeared out of nowhere...

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Package Includes: 
1x 4 sided dice
1x 6 sided dice
1x 8 sided dice
2x 10 sided dice
1x 12 sided dice
1x 20 sided dice
- Canada, USA, EU: Approximately 7-35 days
- Rest of the world: Approximately 14-42 days

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There are a few reasons why the shipping takes a bit. Not all products are placed in my small storage room here in Indy. Most are directly delivered from the manufacturers to you (nothing like fresh dice!) It can take a week or two. If you have an issue send me an email at

There was a problem with my order, who do I contact? 
We're so sorry about that! Please send an email with any relevant pictures and all details to, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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